Our Programmes


To lead others effectively, one must first be able to lead one self. This programme focuses on developing the self-leadership dimension so that students will learn to cultivate habits that lead to self-mastery and personal effectiveness.


A successful leader is required to strike a balance between being people-oriented and task-oriented. This programme focuses on team leadership and aims to develop students’ social skills of influence such that they are able to lead others with competence and care.


We believe that our students have greater capacity for abstract thinking. This programme develops the thought leadership dimension and aims to hone students’ capacity to influence and create value through quality insight and innovation, and inspire others.


Together Everyone Achieves More. Build the unity and camaraderie that students need to succeed with our unique, participation-based team building activities. Our activities are designed to improve the dynamics among various team members. The experience would be highly interactive and reflective.

Back to Basics

This programme is crafted to equip students with the necessary skills to plan and manage an event. Students will also be given the opportunity to discover their preferences and areas of specialisation so as to leverage on the strengths of one another when working as a team.

The Art of Speaking

We will guide students to get their points across succinctly and with clarity. By helping them to discover the authentic way to deliver a message powerfully, students will be developed into competent and confident speakers.

DISC Personality Profiling

The acronym DISC is represented by: D (Drive) / I (Influence) / S (Steadiness) / C (Compliance). By discovering their individual personality styles and how they are motivated, students will have a better understanding of their behavioural strengths and how they can better communicate and relate to people by gaining an appreciation of diversity.

The Student Leadership Challenge®

The Student Leadership Challenge® workshop is a highly interactive session that aims to deepen students’ understanding of leadership and challenge them to increase their leadership effectiveness through the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.

Programmes can be customised to cater to the developmental needs and resources of the school.